What to Expect from a Beginner Motorcycle Class

If you are a beginner when it comes to riding a motorcycle, you should absolutely take a class for beginners.

The class will begin with explanations of the very basic concepts and terms. After you learn the terms, you will get to ride one of the small, easy-to-handle motorcycles. Beginner classes typically have helmets and you’d be able to borrow one, but it’s better to bring your own helmet and riding gloves.

Almost every new motorcycle rider has experience driving a car, which is why most beginner motorcycle classes start with explaining the differences between driving a car and riding a motorcycle.

A basic class also covers protective motorcycle gear, talks about risks on the road and managing them, motorcycle inspections and different motorcycle controls.

For example, the class will explain that the most common crash that involves a car and a motorcycle happens when the car is making a left turn and is in front of the approaching motorcycle. You can also cut the reaction time in half by placing your right-hand fingers on the front brake lever and left-hand fingers on the clutch. These are the kind of things you will learn in a class.

The real fun will begin when you get to the riding range, which is usually an empty parking lot with cones. On the riding range, the instructors will go over motorcycle controls and explain how you should be using them. You will learn how to start and stop a bike, how to use the throttle and how to find neutral.

When you first get to ride a bike, your instructor will have you ride along a straight line very slowly because you will need to get a feel for the bike, the throttle, and the clutch. Next, you will learn to start, stop and turn. There is a lot to go through, but that’s what every motorcyclist needs to do to master when riding amotorcycle.