About Motorcycle Helmets

Riding gear can say a lot about a motorcycle rider, be it a cruiser rider, a tourer or a driver of a sports bike. Regardless helmets are one of the crucial elements to ensure a safe and successful ride.

The most important goal of motorcycle gear is to protect its wearer in a crash. It doesn’t matter how good-looking a jacket is if it can’t offer protection in an accident. Boots are also no good if they look great, but have soles made of slick leather that slides around every time you put your feet on the ground during a stop.

The helmet is one of the most important protection pieces because it protects the head. If you are sitting on a bike in a parking lot and you tip over and hit your head on the asphalt, you can get a serious injury. You can imagine what will happen if the same scenario occurs at a speed of 50 miles per hour. It is a helmet that will save you in both of these situations. Different territories and countries have different rules about motorcycle helmets. You may not need one in your jurisdiction, but it may be a requirement in a place that you plan on riding through.

There is a number of different kinds of helmets:

  • Three-quarter helmets do not cover the face, only the top and the sides of a head.
  • Half helmets only cover the top of the head.
  • Full-face helmets cover the entire head, including the face.
  • Flip-up helmets are full-face helmets in which you can open the front part.

Both full-face helmets and flip-up helmets offer maximum protection compared to other kinds of helmets. They come with a face shield made of poly carbonate that you can move up and down. Face shields are usually clear, but most bikers prefer to buy a smoke shield for riding on sunny days. Not only do these helmets protect the head in case of an accident, but they also protect the eyes, the nose and the face from bugs, rocks, and even birds.